Forensic services

Baker Tilly’s forensic services include financial investigations, special analytical procedures, communication enquiries e.g. email correspondence, comparative market studies, data mining, accounting documents testing and various other practical tools to uncover the facts and help the clients deal with the actual or perceived irregularities. Dealing with the corporate fallouts and effective prevention of the past incidents from occurring in the future are two overriding purposes of the forensic work. While the blame element of the incidents investigated is a material consideration in some forensic projects, it is the forward-looking nature of the work that tends to be of greatest interest to the clients.

While taking on the forensic projects on behalf of the clients, we take a panoramic view of the big picture – often stretching across several jurisdictions and many companies involved. We probe the existing corporate structure for the signs of hidden related-party improprieties, as well as analyse the contractual base and its commercial implications. In our experience, the outcomes of the forensic projects are directly proportional in value to the wholehearted recognition, by the management of the companies investigated, of the necessity to put things straight without too much adversarial tension inside the company involved. With the exception of the outright fraud, pursued via the criminal justice route, our work helps reduce the internal corporate strain and preserve corporate integrity moving forward.