Growth advancement

 Every large company once was a small one. From garage startups to the multinational conglomerates, from jacks-of-all-trades to the thousands-strong professional teams – this is the common progression for successful business enterprise. At Baker Tilly, we have been part of this progression for many years, seeing our small clients in Ukraine grow, strengthen and become the big national champions – leaders in their industries. The recent challenging years have added a novel angle to the growth strategy: some companies fight to retain their market positions in an effort to sustain the growth platform and to prevent a contraction of revenue and profits. In both cases, the goal of preserving the growth potential is paramount.
Our Growth Advancement Services are designed with this imperative in mind: there is, at the end of the day, no alternative to growth. Any big or medium-sized company these days could find itself undermined by a smaller contender – and vice versa, an automatic growth is no longer guaranteed to a successful small company. No other strategic goal but growth can drive shareholder value forward so powerfully and efficiently. At Baker Tilly, we believe that the quantitative growth targets are encouraging, empowering, and straightforward enough to communicate to stakeholders. The growth perspective is multi-functional, practical, and brings clarity to strategic thinking.



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