Education Centre

The valuable employee differs from easy replaceable one, that today he knows more than yesterday, and tomorrow he will finish Chinese language learning. Not the diploma, but a constant skills improvement and getting new knowledge – this is what determines your market value and the importance for the company.

In order to answer market challengers adequately, to undertake accomplishment of new tasks fearlessly and to achieve success, the modern employee, working in sphere of business, must possess a capability to replace out-of-date knowledge on the progressive one. For this purpose we have created the Educational centre on the basis of our company.

Our purpose - to raise your cost in the market, to improve your business and to facilitate management.

Advantages of Baker Tilly Educational centre

Our main advantage is that we are preparing education programs based on our experience in accounting and auditing.

Decisions, which we develop for our clients, are flexible and actual, as far as in each specific case we start from real conditions of your business and accessible resources.
Specialists of Audit and Consulting services Departments, who daily perfect their knowledge in practice and whose experience is recognized at the international level, participate in trainings development and curriculum renovation.

What you receive

You receive what you were looking for - practical knowledge and decisions in sphere of the financial analysis, administrative accounting, taxation, budgeting and the corporate finance.

Various approaches to professional development planning:
      • short-term training programs;
      • modular courses;
      • assistance while preparation for qualification exams passing;
      • corporate trainings developed for concrete inquiries of clients taking into account their specific of activity.
We conduct as review trainings as specific seminars on the most complicated questions of certain IFRS standards.


Сертифікований тренінг: Звітність у сфері сталого розвитку GRI

Business English Intensive

AICPA: on-line courses

Course on IFRS

Educational Center of Baker Tilly Ukraine offers a wide range of corporate and public training courses in finance, accounting, financial statement analysis, and...

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